So looking forward to the weekend and a mini-vacation!

My current obsession of the week is the Draw Something app. I’ve playing it for a few days now and I am loving it! Instead of Words with Friends, it’s draw with friends! It’s such a fun pictionary like app! Anyone else playing this game? What’s your highest streak? My boyfriend and I are playing and we have a streak of 29! I get very nervous every time it’s my turn to guess his drawings because I don’t want to ruin our streak, plus I want coins to get the pink color :)

Aside from having super busy schedules (and workload) and less time spent together, life is still going great! Hope every one’s having a wonderful week!

Here are a few of my faves from the week…

Favorite family outing (review here):


Favorite sip:

been drinking smoothies all week made my me with my Magic Bullet :)

Favorite mood:


Favorite giggles:

Any faves from your week! Have a beautiful sunny weekend!

xoxo, kat


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