la la la, tonight, tonight


Why hello March, you’ve finally arrived! It’s nice to meet you again :)

I’m watching “Cupcake Wars” as I write this post, so I apologize in advance if I’m a bit scatter brain from here till the end of this post lol. I’m easily distracted by cupcakes, ha…wave one in my face and my attention is gone, ha! This has happened on numerous occasions, just ask my boyfriend lol.

This week felt weird. This month felt weird. February is a weird month. I always feel cheated at the end of the month. Lost and confuse, sigh…

Hope everyone had a fabulous week filled with wonderful people in your life and tons of giggles!

Here are some of my favorites that made this week amazing…

Favorite remix:

baked parmesan cilantro fries with baaaaacon bits!

Favorite night:

he cooked for date night this week! jaws movie marathon, red wine, steaks, and I experimented with some new french fry concoctions :)

Favorite read:

pssssst i'm on pg 37 :) || photo

Favorite date:


Favorite theme:

Told you so…scatter brain cupcake distracted Kat, you always get me cupcakes…okay, now youtubing Pitbull videos from Carnival (shaking my head), what is wrong with me! Hahahha. I am sorry and thank you for sticking by me. Thank you for reading :)

Have a beautiful weekend!

xoxo, kat

ps. My next few posts will be updated favorites (or I like to call them remixes hehe) since we’re trying to clean out the fridge because we buy groceries once a week and we always end up not using it again later…Sigh, I don’t know how all you amazing foodie bloggers organize and plan so well! I’m sure this is a common problem so I’m excited to see what we’ll come up with!

What kind of creations have you made on clearing the fridge kinda days? :)


2 thoughts on “la la la, tonight, tonight

  1. Now that your famous (Las Vegas Eatz) – don’t forget us all here in the trenches! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE so excited 4 u :)

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