bacon. nap. moonlighting. bar wench. nap. cake. nap.

Le sigh, that headline pretty much sums up my weekend haha. Since it was President’s Day weekend, it was a perfect excuse to relax and unwind! Below is a photo diary of my weekend…

My morning started off with a plate of bacon and rice drink (one of the perks of having a boyfriend that has bacon in his fridge :)

Then we headed over early to LA to help set up a party that his family was throwing. I took a stab at chipping a big block of ice, and it didn’t go as effortlessly as I thought it would lol. Now I have an ice chipping wound to prove it haha. Can you spot it?  (ps. it’s that red dot on my hand lol :)

Lots of ice was needed to keep all these drinks nice and chilled! You can hardly see it under all that ice, but my favorite drink is the fruit punch Capri Sun :)

You see those huge chunks of ice??! That’s alllllll me! Hahah, okay I lied…more like my boyfriend :) After all that hard work of ice chipping and mending my battle wound, I needed a nap haha.

Hello cakes! My face lit up when I saw these beautiful cakes!! My boyfriend’s mom made a topsy turvy cake (pre-assembled shown) and a giant cupcake cake…CUPCAKE CAKE! OMG, my jaw dropped when I saw her walking in with the giant cupcake cake!!!  She is an amazing cake maker, she seriously needs to be on Cake Boss!

My favorite thing about these parties that his family throws is the food! The food was sooo good! I didn’t grow up eating this type of food so any chance I get to eat this food, you can count on me being there! I wish I could tell you what I ate but I honestly don’t have a clue other than it’s good. For someone that doesn’t really enjoy eating beans, the pork beans were super yummy! But my ultimate favorite is the chorizo!!

After eating, I headed over to the bar area to find that Mister Bartender named a drink after me. He obviously likes me :)

Can you guess which one is my drink? Hehe.

Since there was a drink named after me, I obviously had to moonlight as a part-time bar wench (the other half of the time I was napping :). So what exactly is a Katifornia drink? It’s my signature drink…all vodka and ice/I’ll-spike-anything-for-you kinda drink. At the end of the night, there were quite a handful of very happy party guests!

This is one of my favorite discoveries from the party! One of his family members made this super delicious dip/spread. I wish I could give you a name but all I know is that it’s made with smoked marlin and cream cheese. Whoever it was that made it promised me that if he found an English version of this recipe, he would give it me. Please find one, I must have!!! If anyone knows of a similar recipe, please let me know!

Anyways, so good with chips! Honestly, I wanted to steal a bowl, put it in my purse, take it home with me, spread it all over bread and crackers, and just spoon it into my mouth until I fell asleep because it was that good! Mmmmm I can still remember how good it tastes!

Oh, and cake! The cake was amazing, as usual! So that’s my weekend! Thank you boyfriend/boyfriend’s family for a super fun time!!

How did you celebrate President’s Day weekend? :)

xoxo, kat

ps. mister bartender was my boyfriend. we played bartender and part-time bar wench for funsies :)


7 thoughts on “bacon. nap. moonlighting. bar wench. nap. cake. nap.

  1. Wow sounds like a great party and weekend! Those cakes are amazing! My weekend was slightly impaired in a good way with food and alcohol. Now for at least a day or three I’ve decided to eat healthy! (after I finish my sweetie’s strawberry birthday cake with strawberry frosting!)

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