just had to ask :)

photo jetaime-ny.tumblr.com

Sigh, what a week! February is one of the shortest months out of the year, but it also happens to be one of the busiest months out of the year (at least for me).

Anyways, do you have your presents, dinner reservations, getaways, and surprises all planned out? I know you know what I’ve been talking about because I’ve been spamming your inboxes with hints all week! There’s only 4 days left, and I still don’t have a menu planned, eek! But I do have presents all wrapped and ready :)

In case you’re looking for some last minute ideas, here’s a recap of my Valentine’s Day guide below:

Hope you enjoy some of my favorites that kept me entertained all week…

Favorite indulgence (recipe coming soon!):

frosted sugar cookie bars

Favorite line:

photo someecards.com

Favorite heartbreak:

ps, don't forget anyone! aww poor Ralph :( || photo google.com

Favorite romance:

Hope you all had a fabulous week! How will you be celebrating the 14th? :)

Cheers to the weekend!



3 thoughts on “just had to ask :)

  1. That episode of Big Bang Theory was hysterical. But i love all the episodes–it’s a great show – we laugh our tushes off.

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