Valentine’s Day: DIY

Whether you’re in a bind or under a strict budget, DIYs are the way to go!

Pinterest is my go-to place for inspiration and ideas! Since it is a DIY, it’s okay to unleash your inner artistic cheeseball and go all out!

Here are some of my favorite Vday DIYs…

52 Reasons I Love You (tutorial here):

this is such a sentimental and thoughtful gift idea || photo

Paper Flower (tutorial here):

a budget friendly alternative to fresh cut flowers are DIY paper flowers, no need to water :) || photo

Scratch-Off Hearts Card (tutorial here):

it takes me forever to find the perfect card (i like ultimate cheesy :)! this idea is truly unique! || photo

Valentine Lightbulb (tutorial here):

this takes a bit of work but for the advanced DIYer, easy peasy! how adorable! || photo

Hand Embroidered Note (instructions here):

how cute! hang these in unexpected places for a lasting impression || photo

Valentine’s Day Love Album (idea here):

i love how creative this is! what would you write for "Z"? :) || photo

I love all of these ideas! I really wish I was an advanced DIYer so I can make that lightbulb, still can’t get over how CUTE that is!

Which one are you currently obsessing over?

xoxo, kat

ps, I actually made one of these DIYs that I posted for my Valentine! Can you guess which one?! I am dying to show you but sadly, he is an avid reader of she cooks, he eats. Le sigh, will post asap after Valentine’s Day!! Pinky promise :)

hint…it’s not the lightbulb :'(


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