Valentine’s Day: Sips

Why not surprise your Valentine with a mid-day sip? :)

Whether it is morning, brunch or dinner, there is always a time to celebrate! Check out this list below for fun drink ideas for anytime of the day…

DIY Valentine’s Tea Bags (tutorial here):

diy valentine's tea bags || photo

Guava Mimosa Cocktail with Strawberries (recipe here):

guava mimosa cocktail with strawberries || photo

Citrusy Champagne Sangria (recipe here):

citrusy champagne sangria || photo

Hot Chocolate (recipe here):

hot chocolate || photo

Red Velvet Cheesecake Milkshake (recipe here):

red velvet cheesecake milkshake || photo

Strawberry Champagne Punch (recipe here):

strawberry champagne punch || photo

Did you spot the DIY? I love a cute festive DIY! I will definitely be going to give those DIY tea bags a try!

What about you? :0)

xoxo, kat


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