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Woohoo it’s almost Valentine’s Day!! Definitely one of my favorite holidays (aside from Halloween and Christmas :)! I’d prefer to celebrate all month long not just a day hehe. It’s the one month out of the whole year where it’s ok to be a super corny hopeless romantic, wear reds/pinks all month-long, and scribble hearts all over my note :)

That is me. A super. corny. hopeless romantic…

Although I love the idea of getting all gussied up and heading out for a fun night, I’d prefer to avoid all the hoopla that is actually Valentine’s Day and stay in.

Restaurants are so crowded on that day! And did you know that most restaurants have a preset menu just for Valentine’s Day? I would be lying if I didn’t admit it, it kinda sucks not being able to order your favorite thing at your favorite restaurant. Plus, it’s kinda gross seeing loved up couples making out at every corner lol.

So what’s my ideal Valentine’s Day? Definitely a night in and cooking together :)

In an effort to make Valentine’s Day fun and special at home, I’ve scoured the web for a few ideas and recipes from across the web that will be sure to make your in-home Valentine’s Day (yes day, not just night) just as special as going out!

Stay tune for some wonderful ideas :0)

xoxo, kat

ps, Will you be my Valentine? :)


5 thoughts on “Question of the Day

  1. We stay home too! Years ago we had a reservation at a very upscale restaurant, and our reservation was not honored as they had overbooked. What should have been a one hour dinner turned into a 4 hour fiasco. It took 45 minutes to get to our table; a half hour to get a drink; another 15 minutes after that to place our order; another hour to get our meal; and a half hour wait for the dessert we ordered. That did it for both of us! Besides, every day is Valentine’s day for us!

    1. Aww that sucks! I agree, service is the absolute worse on Valentine’s Day! Why waste all that time and money… Have a great in-home Valentine’s Day :)

  2. Yes staying home for sure! Valentine’s Day is like New Years Eve – for novices. Once you have gone out on Valentines Day you realize they just cannot give you attentive service or excellent food.
    I’m definitely going to try to get some of those heart shaped ravioli’s or whatever they were u possted awhile back at Costco. Those look adorable! and with butter and cream and parmesan UH I think i’ll be in heaven. And I am bringing out my Pink dishes and white linens – i have collected a bit of Marbre Rose Pattern by Christian Dior and it is really the only time of year other than spring that it is appropriate! I’m a sucker for china and linens which sadly, I hardly ever use :( –
    like a lot of people we usually stuff our face in front of the TV HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA – which is a pretty good life though!

    1. Good life indeed! My face is always glued to the TV when I eat! Those were heart-shaped ravioli’s at Costco. Hopefully they still have some if they aren’t already all snatched up! OMG I can’t believe you have Christian Dior dishes!! Super fancy date night indeed! I’d take that over any overpriced restaurant! :)

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