february air

photo pinklywish.tumblr.com

It’s February! Do you ever notice that from mid-September to February, it’s nothing but holidays? From mid Sept.-Oct., we have Halloween, then from Oct.-Nov. it’s Thanksgiving, then it moves on to Nov.-Dec. Christmas. and lastly mid Jan.-Feb. it’s Valentine’s Day, phew! Nothing but celebrations! I don’t mind. Who doesn’t love presents? :)

How’s your February going? Mine has been pretty busy and it’s just the third day, oh my!

As usual, here are just a few of my faves from the week…

Favorite lunch date:

thai chicken noodle salad from Yard House || I highly reccommend this but do not order the breaded chicken (they grill the panko and it taste like burn)

Favorite must-try (recipe here):

faux pho || photo fromaway.com

Favorite childhood moment relived:

lunchables :)

Favorite sign:

photo fotolog.com

Favorite flash mob:

What are you Superbowl predictions? We made our annual bets, and this year I have a shiny new loaf pan on the line so fingers crossed! oh ps, my money’s on Mr. Giselle :)

Oh pps, I have some pretty wonderful exciting news that I can’t wait to share but I just can’t share it yet but you guys will be the first to know!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, kat


4 thoughts on “february air

  1. Haha! I always think about all those holidays slammed together! Then add in my husbands birthday in Jan, mine and our anniversary in March…. Presents presents presents! It’s a good time of year! ;)

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