Thursday, are you my new Friday?


Oh, what a week this has been! Deadlines, research, lots of work, and being sick…it was quite a busy week for me. But on a more happier note…after almost a week apart, my boyfriend is back! With that said, lots of hugs and presents were in order :)

The highlight of my week was yesterday. Thursday just felt perfect. I got the majority of my work done and beat my deadlines way in advance and am feeling 100% better! And it didn’t hurt that I got to spend that day with a certain someone.

Here’s why I’m in love with Thursday…

Favorite DIY (recipe here):

we made gnocchi from scratch for lunch! can you believe that it only takes one hour and three ingredients?! give it a try :)

Favorite treat:

Pinkberry's latest seasonal flavor blood orange with mochi (hands off my mochi boyfriend!), strawberries, and fruity pebbles

Favorite date moment:

we had sushi! and shared a light beer...half the calories and even less calories because it's "light" lol. it was kind of him to drink a beer out of his norm, yes he laughed at me for wanting light :)

Favorite munchies (recipe coming soon!):

we ended our night with wings! we made sriracha,bbq, s+p with lemon :)

Favorite tune:

Yes, we ate a lot that day! How was your week?? What did you eat this week? Do you have a favorite day of the week or does your heart belong to Friday always?

Have a beautiful weekend!

Oh ps, I’m trying to learn to use my Twitter (it’s still a struggle haha). I’ve been posting all my up to date eats and latest misadventures on there. Feel free to check me out @shecooksheeats :)

xoxo, kat



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