Surviving the College Dining Hall [INFOGRAPHIC] | Foodbeast

Surviving the College Dining Hall [INFOGRAPHIC] | Foodbeast.

Thankfully, I never succumbed to the harrowing “Freshman 15” during my freshmen year at the dorms. Actually, I lost weight and my tummy was at its flattest and fittest point ever. I must admit, it’s possible and tempting to overeat because of all the different food choices available. I mean where else, besides the mall, can you find Chinese, Mexican, Italian, pizza, hamburgers, and tater tots served in one place?

My favorite time of the day to actually eat at the dining halls was breakfast. Why? Because at my college, they served all my favorite breakfast foods…eggs, tater tots, bacon AND there was a make-your-own waffle station! I loved it!

So how did I survive the “Freshman 15”? Well, I myself am a very light eater especially when it comes to non-homemade foods. But when it’s my dad’s cooking, you bet I’ll have seconds and thirds! In public places, I eat like a bird. This eating like a bird habit actually developed during my freshmen year. If you’ve seen dining hall food, then you know that it’s not that you go home and rave to mom about… So I would just pick and choose a little bit of everything and eat little bites of it, just enough to get me full and not starve. I always loaded up on salads (because veggies were always cooked in tons of oil), fresh fruit, the occasional cookie or two, and lots of bacon/eggs/tater tots for breakfast :)

During my freshmen year, I was an occasional vegetarian. I avoid eating meats, just because those were the most bland dishes being offered. I also purchased the cheapest meal plan offered because on the weekends I was always gone. Trust me, you would too if you went to college in the desert… Since I was living at the dorms, it was very convenient for me to take advantage of the recreational activities. My college had a wonderful recreational center!

So my advice is to be watchful of what you’re eating, load up on anything fresh like veggies and fruit, and do not deprive yourself of the treats but don’t over do it! And do take advantage of your school’s recreational activities!

How was your college experience? Did you gain the Freshman 15? And what are some of your tips for healthy living in the dorms?



5 thoughts on “Surviving the College Dining Hall [INFOGRAPHIC] | Foodbeast

  1. Wow what great advice! Yes both Erica and I were able to escape the Freshman 15. Maybe combined we gained 15!

    Our advice: Don’t study in the dining halls. Get in and get out. The longer you stay the more inclined you will be to eat. and like you said, just eat a well balanced diet, it’s time to start that habit.

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