he’s leaving me…

photo famouswonders.com

Yes, for this… Sigh, I don’t blame him…I would too.

Can you believe that January is almost over? Time really flies when you’re surrounded by such amazing people in your life…seriously, where’s the pause button to life?

Hope you all had a good week! Here are some of my favorite moments from the week…

Favorite lunch date:

we had lunch at a gastropub that's quickly becoming a new favorite of mine. we noshed on crab cakes, tri tip sandwich, and fries blanched in duck fat. he sure knows how to take a girl out on a date ;)

Favorite newfound eats (recipe coming soon!):

she cooks mini bacon meatloaf balls, he eats || boy falls in love with girl :)

Favorite toast (recipe here):

raspberry champagne || wishfulchef.com

Favorite advice:

photo pinterest.com

Favorite mood:

Since it’s just me, I’ll be doing all my favorites! Like catching up on all my favorite shows, writing blog posts (I owe you all so many recipes, I apologize. It’s been quite hectic!), and working on my to-do lists. What are your plans for the weekend?! And what were some of the highlights of your week?

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

À bientôt mon amour! Bon voyage…tu vas me manquer.

xoxo, kat


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