Saturday started early in the morning with this…

ps. that's my new bakeware in the back + Costco haul :)

A few hours past noon, these sweet treats were made…

white chocolate chip || shortbread || chocolate chip

Dozens upon dozens of cookies were made for my boyfriend’s niece’s birthday party. A few cuts or “scratches” as he likes to call them were discovered mid-day…sigh, so worth it though! These were all gone in less than two hours upon arrival :)

PS. If you haven’t tried the shortbread cookies, please do! They are beyond delicious! I may be a bit biased (ok very hehe) but I’m promise you…delicious, I’m not lying! I’m sure if you ask my boyfriend (ok, biased too…he better be! or else…haha), he’ll say the same too. If you love those butter cookies sold from those decorative tins are the grocery stores, then you are definitely going to love these! That’s exactly how they taste fresh out of the oven!

Baker’s tip: Before baking, do sprinkle the shortbread cookies with sugar! It gives it that beautiful texture and slight crunch. Have I convinced you to try yet? :)

PPS. I may of scored bonus cookie points with my boyfriend’s mom, she really liked them and his gigantic family :)

Meanwhile at the party, the taco man  and I reunited after a year apart. We fell in love all over again.

Oh, did I mentioned that it was a Hello Kitty themed birthday party!!!!!

tabletop decoration pieces made my boyfriend's mom and sis

How cute are those!! And that’s not even the best part! THE CAKE! OH MY GOD, THE CAKE!! There were two cakes, but this one was my favorite!! It was ginormous! Being a Hello Kitty lover, I was in awe the whole time :)

also made by boyfriend's mom and sis! unbelievable right? it's perfect!

And of course, the evening ended with drinks, wonderful company, funny conversations about zombies, lots of kiss of hellos/goodbyes and tons of whacking…

man, kids are brutal...poor hello kitty :(

After a wonderful, busy and long Saturday, Sunday was spent wearing these all day…

my hello kitty pjs :)

And eating this…

ginger scallion noodles + meatballs :)

My weekend in a nutshell..perfection at its best :)

How was your weekend??! What do you do? What did you eat?! Mmmm I love food but I love it more when you share with me your food stories! Hope you all had a wonderful time unwinding!

xoxo, kat


7 thoughts on “weekend

  1. That Kitty Kat Kake is huge and adorable! That is A LOT of cookies and they look scrumptious! We had a good food weekend too….made a turkey meatloaf rollup based on a recipe from homemadesimple.com (I add finely chopped sundried tomatoes instead of marinara) – you shape the meat into a rectangular shape and then put spinach sauteed in garlic and fresh mozzarella over the top and then roll it tightly up so when you slice it there is a pinwheel pattern (What’s with me and pinwheels?!). Oh and mashed potatoes….. Oh and some wine,,,lots of wine……
    That Seinfeld episode is hilarious – every episode is my favorite!! Even though i’ve seen them 10x each I still laugh.

    1. Ahhh, it’s like we’re two peas in a pod! I’m planning on making meatloaf this week! After hearing about your rollups, I am so intrigued! I have never heard of meatloaf rollups before, they sound so yummm! AND cute! Pinwheels ftw! :)

      I am a total Seinfeld junkie too! I own almost all the dvds :)

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