Reunited with the taco man!!!!!!


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6 thoughts on “Reunited with the taco man!!!!!!

  1. I’m Miss Piggy for the day! I had 4!! 2 chorizo, 1 chicken and 1 beef and I LOVED IT! I love the taco man! We reunited after a year apart :).

  2. I’ve never had a chorizo taco. I’m definitely missing out! Is that cilantro or green onion? I love cilantro….i love food……it’s only 10:00 a.m. and now i’m hungry!!! Rats all i i have for breakfast is turkey sausage. Maybe i should put cilantro on that HAHAHAHAHHAHA

    1. It’s cilantro! Chorizo tacos are amazing!! I bet turkey tacos would be good too and leaner…there! I gave you an excuse to eat tacos lol! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!! :)

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