It’s alive!


Do you guys love watching your potatoes sprout? Or am I just too odd lol.

Any gardening tips on making these babies grow? :)

Hope you’re all having a beautiful sunny day!


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6 thoughts on “It’s alive!

  1. Any root vegetable is sprayed with an inhibitor to prevent it from sprouting while in your vege drawer or refrigerator. They are OK to plant in the ground. I have grown potatoes and there is a trick to it.

    Dig a trench about 12″ deep. Put the potato in the trench and cover with 4″ of soil. When the greens show their heads above ground, bury them again with another 4″ of soil. Do the same one more time and then let the potatoes go. Keep covering the potatoes with soil until the end of the growing season. What you are doing is forcing the plant to create the potato which grows off the root.

    Around Sept. or Oct. dig out the plants. You will be surprised at what is there. We did this with the Kennebeck potatoes our first year here in the Sierra Foothills and had the best potatoes ever!

    If you live in an apartment, buy a bag of Miracle Grow – about 2 cubic feet. Remove 2/3 of the soil and put your potatoes in the bag and cover with the 4″ of soil. Roll the sides of the bag down because you will add soil back to the bag. Also, punch a few holes in the bag so that you have drainage. When the greens show their heads, cover again with 4″ of soil. Continue until you end up with all the soil added back to the bag. At harvest, slice the bag and pull out your potatoes! Make those really great wedges from Conor’s post on

    Hugs to you Kat! Come and visit us!

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