Bella Personal Pie Maker

bella personal pie maker

Another kitchen gadget that I received for Christmas was a Bella Personal Pie Maker. She’s also red, flashy, and gorgeous!

Unlike the Babycakes Cupcake Maker, the Bella Personal Pie Maker only comes with the two pie cutters. The non-stick coating material on this pie maker is fantastic. Nothing sticks and removing pies requires no effort.

With the leftover pie filling and pie crusts, I just had to make more apple pies! I mean what else would I make? Lol :)

all store-bought ingredients…apple pie filling and premade pie crusts

roll out the dough and cut into circles using the pie cutter

put the dough onto the pie slots… this one only makes 4 mini pies

fill with 1/3 tablespoon of the filling

make decorative pie tops and sprinkle some granulated sugar on top

And 12 minutes later…

mini apple pies :)

with one sheet of premade crust I was able to make 6 mini pies

mini apple pies :)

So what’s the verdict? The Bella pie maker produces for crispy and crunchy pie edges whereas the Babycakes cupcake maker doesn’t. Just like the Babycakes, the Bella also has red/green light indicator which also makes it impossible to tell if the pies are ready so keeping a watchful eye is a must!

But the real question is: Which one makes the cuter pie? I have to say that the pie cups from the Babycakes cupcaker maker are just too adorable to eat! So Babycakes wins the cuteness round :)

xoxo, kat

16 thoughts on “Bella Personal Pie Maker

    1. that’s awesome! these personal pie makers have been around for awhile now so it’s good to see that they are on clearance! :)

  1. i was excited when i got my bella pie maker. I made 4 pies that came out great. the next day i was going to make 4 more and plugged it in and lights came on but all of a sudden the lights stopped coming on. My pie maker no longer worked. Got to use it one time only and thats pretty sad.

    1. Awww oh no! So sorry to hear about your pie maker! Where you able to return it? For these novelty appliances, I highly recommend buying them from Kohl’s because they have an excellent no-hassle return policy.

  2. I just bought this on clearance at JCP. It was $12 and I had a $10 coupon! Made cherry pies today, very easy, quick and good. These would be great for kids and parties. I want to try doing something savory like a quiche. (recipe included!)

  3. Kat, I just love the way you decorated the pie top like a flower. I’ve been having fun with these things. Mini pie makers can be tricky to use. Some will burn your crust. Some have a difficult time baking the center of pie tops. The list goes on. However, I’m determined to bake a perfect mini pie that I can share with family and friends. I post my pie maker results hoping you learn from my failures. So far I baked with three different pie makers.
    Kat, how did you like the taste of the Pillsbury pie crust?

  4. Hi…. Someone sent me this gadget too. But it didnt come with the dough cutter…i was wonderin if you could tell me how big the cutter is? Ill just improvise and make my own. i live in the philippines you see… And i cant really exchange this or demand for the cutter. Or maybe i can but itd be too much trouble to have them send me the cutter i think…. Gorgeous pies btw.

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