Babycakes Cupcake Maker

babycakes cupcake maker

This was one of my Christmas presents! Meet my Babycakes Cupcake Maker! She’s red, flashy, and gorgeous!

I love that Babycakes includes the super cute mini cupcake liners, icing bag, four decorating tips, pie crust tools, and two 2-pronged forks. This cupcake maker is awesome because it can be used for so many purposes! Not only meant for cupcakes, but it can also make pies, cupcakes, brownies,  empanadas, and many types of appetizers. The non-stick coating on this works really well. It’s so easy taking out whatever you’re making! But be careful, the machine is hot!!

My only problem with the gadget is that the red/green light indicator makes it difficult to tell if it’s done baking. If Babycakes were to update this product, I hope they improve this one flaw. Aside from that, just be sure to keep your eye on it!

So what’s the first thing I made with my new cupcake??? PIES hahaha! :)

Check out how my apple pies turned out below…


About 12 minutes later…

post-bake :)

apple pie cups…so pretty! :)

mores pies! :)

I also received the Babycakes recipe book too!

175 recipes all for me! lol

I think the Babycakes cupcake maker is a great kitchen gadget to have around when you need to make last minute desserts or when you’re pressed for time! Imagine how cute it would be to bring a tray full of pie cups to a party? :)

Stay tune for my another Christmas present of mine! (Hint: it’s another gadget :)

Did you receive a similar gadget for Christmas?

xoxo, kat

14 thoughts on “Babycakes Cupcake Maker

      1. Hi! I used store-bought pastry, but I short crust pastry should work just fine. Just keep on eye on it until you figure out the correct baking times for your pie maker. Hope this help and I apologize for the late response :)

  1. I never thought of making little pies! They look super yum and sound so, so easy. I will definitely give them a go, just have to dust off my cupcake maker…I got bored of cupcakes ;) Is that possible? lol Cheers, Shayne

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