the first Friday of 2012!


One week down, only 51 more to go! 

Dear universe,

Please slow down… Only one week in, and I’m already LOVING 2012!! :)

Love you long time, 


All I can say is that it was hard putting together this week’s Friday Favorites because the start of the new year has been so good to me. Sigh, I would love to share every fun adventure and special moment with you but I don’t want to bore you :)

I hope you all had a great week! Did any of you guys make resolutions for the new year? I’d like to say that I’m already crossing things off my list! I think the key to accomplishing resolutions is to always keep them in mind since we’re always on the go and it’s so easy to forget come mid-Feb. These are some of my tips on making resolutions last:

  • “Out of sight, out of mind” right…Who says that has to be true? Always keep a list of your resolutions with you. I like to keep a list on my phone using this note-taking app (it’s my favorite at the moment and reminiscent of my trusty old post-its)
  • Also I chose to “sticky” my resolutions post on my blog, so feel free to remind me and check out my progress because I will be checking things off! Hopefully, that provides motivation for you and me :)
  • Be sure to keep yourself in check. Take the time at the end of each month to go over your resolutions. If you’re not crossing things off, then how will you ever accomplish those goals? It’s another constant reminder and motivater.
  • Most importantly, make sure your goals are within reach! And always stay positive!

From the bottom of my heart, I hope the start of your 2012 has been filled with many laughs, hugs, and tons of giggles!

Here’s just a few of my favorites from my week…

Favorite quickie (recipe coming soon!):

italian meats with basil garlic naan pizza

Favorite challenge:

man vs. food spicy miso ramen challenge || food dominated man. girl dominated food :)

Favorite read

"fresh and frisky"...? does one really know how fresh and frisky taste? anyhoo, you know me, I bought it! I felt frisky afterwards :)

Favorite regret:

vanilla milkshake from del taco. dairy hates me. need I say more? :(

Favorite new repeat:

It’s another Pitbull song…I am so sorry you need to hear this. I am truly ashamed. I’ve been bitten by the Pitbull bug…he is wildly infectious. Le sigh…but how can you escape him? Half the songs on the radio are Pitbull (year of the Pit! :)

What’s the highlight of your week?

Have a beautiful sunshiny weekend!

xoxo, kat



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