she cooks, he eats holiday gift guide: white elephant

One of my favorite types of holiday parties to throw is a White Elephant party. This type of party is extremely funbecause it’s our modern day version of a fun gag gift exchange.

A white elephant party starts off like this…

  • Each participant brings one wrapped gift (set a moderate price range of $10-$15).
  • Next, each person draws a number from a bowl. The number that you get dictates the order in which you pick out your gift.
  • Whoever picked number one goes first. He/she gets to pick any present from the pile and unwraps it.
  • Then the number two person has the option to either open a wrapped gift or “steal” a previously opened gift (in this case, number one’s gift). If a person has their gift stolen, then he/she has the option to choose a wrapped gift or steal an unwrapped gift. When a wrapped gift is opened, the turn ends.
  • When everyone has gone, the participant that drew the first number, has the option to go again and choose from all the opened gifts (ie. steal). When all gifts have been unwrapped, the game ends.
  • You also have the choice to swap gifts with another player!

Sounds like a fun party game, right? The best part about a white elephant party is that you never know what kind of silly gift you’re going to end up with!

Here are some great gag gifts for your next white elephant party…

Emergency Clown Nose ($5, purchase here):

emergency clown nose || i can only imagine who'll end up this gift? class clown anyone? || photo

Like & Dislike Stamps ($16, purchase here):

like & dislike stamps || finally a dislike button! || photo

The Hungover Cookbook ($11, purchase here):

the hungover cookbook || perfect lol! || photo

T-Shirt Graffiti Maker Kit ($10, purchase here):

t-shirt graffiti maker kit || perfect for DIYs || photo

Grow Your Own Coffee ($9.99, purchase here):

grow your own coffee|| it's today's generation of the classic chia pet, and it's perfect for a coffee addict :) || photo

Hammer Bottle Opener ($4.50, purchase here):

hammer bottle opener || ha! now that's a gag gift! || photo

Fork-Knife Chopsticks ($10, purchase here):

fork-knife chopsticks || so which utensil will it be? || photo

Eye Glasses Holder ($18, purchase here):

eye glasses holder || if someone else had this gift, i would totally steal! so cute!! || photo

Forever Lazy ($49.99, purchase here):

forever lazy || a bit of a splurge! but omg there's a back hatch involved! || photo

What’s the best gag gift you’ve ever received and given? Any other gift ideas that you think would be perfect for a white elephant party?

xoxo, kat


7 thoughts on “she cooks, he eats holiday gift guide: white elephant

  1. One year I walked away with a singing trout that hangs on the wall. Last year I gave a Santa Claus toilet seat cover. And I got this fruit holder that was black and orange and was soooo ugly that when I got the register at TJ Maxx, I told them that they ought to be paying me to take it! TJ Maxx by the way is one of the best stores for white elephant gifts. Go to their home decor area!

  2. I have been to a few white elephant parties and most of the time the gifts that were being stolen the most were anything out of the ordinary. Usually something you don’t see every day that is still somewhat useful. With a gift limit of only $10, I was amaze at all the weird and wacky things I could get while keeping my bank account happy. I found this online store while doing a Google search containing many things that are just perfect for a white elephant party. The link is below and hopefully this helps with your future white elephant gift parties!

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