she cooks, he eats holiday gift guide: the baker

Did I just confess that I asked my boyfriend for a rolling pin for Christmas? Yes, I did. Do I still want a rolling pin after ogling at all the other products I listed in my holiday gift guide? Yes, I do! That’s how much I want a rolling pin. Haha, I’m a dork.

Aside from cooking, I love to bake! My boyfriend loves cookies and I love cupcakes, so can you imagine all the sweets we love to eat!

Here’s my holiday gift list for a budding baketress…

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer ($299.95, purchase here):

kitchenaid aritsan stand mixer || i use the kitchenaid professional 610 stand mixer, but it's my mom's (that she never uses) and comes in a boring white, so it would be a dream come true to own my very own! i just love that they have all the colors of the rainbow available! || photo

Bakers’ Silicone Rolling Pin ($29.95, purchase here):

bakers' silicone rolling pin || ahhh the rolling pin! a baker's essential (ahem, hint hint :) || photo

Silpat Silicone Cookie Sheet Liner ($24.95 , purchase here):

silpat silicone cookie sheet || i've been using parchment paper for all my baking needs (no complaints!), but this would make a great splurge or stocking stuffer || photo

Williams-Sonoma Traditional Finish Rectangular Cake Pan ($20, purchase here):

williams-sonoma traditional finish retangular cake pan || my boyfriend actually bought this for, and it is the only thing I use for all my baking needs from cookies, brownies, roasting veggies, baking chicken and making Paula Deen's lasagna. it is perfect and has held up very nicely! || photo

Baking Gift Set ($49.95, purchase here):

baking gift set || this makes a great starter kit for the budding baker! and you know it's going to be great quality since it's Williams-Sonoma || photo

Chalkboard Jars ($10-$14, purchase here):

chalkboard jars || this is my chalkboard cookie jar! it's multipurpose and love the cuteness of the chalkboard paint, but of course you can always DIY it! || photo

Personalized Recipe Gift Set with Embosser (69.95, purchase here):

personalized recipe gift set with embosser || I love personalized gifts! So perfect and thoughtful! || photo

Mini Pastel Silicups, Set of 24 ($24.95, purchase here):

mini pastel silicone silicups || as cute as cupcake liners are, these things are reusable! and it's mini :) || photo

If I were to receive any one of these gifts (even that rolling pin) for the holidays, you won’t see any complaints from me! Are there any other baking goodies that should be on this list?

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

xoxo, kat


6 thoughts on “she cooks, he eats holiday gift guide: the baker

  1. I’m not a major baker….. But I could easily see myself with all these things! Funny you have a picture of the mixer….. Everytime I see one I have to touch it and show it to the boyfriend.haha. We both realize we don’t need it enough to justify it now…. But how cute is it?

  2. Knowing how you love Williams Sonoma, one of my favorite places too, check out Sur La Table on the internet! That is where I purchased that meatball griller. They have a unique and wide variety of kitchen items!

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