she cooks, he eats holiday gift guide: edible treats

I don’t know about you, but I love opening up packages and finding delicious treats! I would consider it being one of the benefits of the holidays…an excuse and reason to indulge in sugary goodies. Rather than spend the extra money, why not save and make your own homemade edible treats and ship those out to friends and family members. To me, there’s not more special than receiving something that’s homemade.

Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, it’s always nice to send a small thoughtful gift. Here are a few fun and tasty true-and-tried ideas that will guarantee a smile of anyone’s face…

Candied Popcorn Gifties (instructables here):

candied popcorn gifties || photo

Hot Chocolate Dipping Spoons (instructables here):

hot chocolate dipping spoons || photo

 Praline Dipped Oreos (recipe here):

praline dipped oreos || photo

Dark Chocolate Truffles (recipe here):

dark chocolate truffles || photo

Gingersnap Cookies (recipe here):

gingersnap cookies || photo

Black Forest Bark (recipe here):

black forest bark || photo

Rose Petal Jelly (recipe here):

rose petal jelly || photo

Dulce de Leche (recipe here):

dulce de leche || photo

Mocha Chocolate Chip Biscotti (recipe here):

mocha chocolate chip biscotti || photo

Using a beautiful basket is a great way to put all these treats together! Mix and match, put a bow on it and ship them out! Also be sure to fill it up with lots of your favorite cookies and candies. Your friends and family will love it! Who could say no to that anyways?  It’s the perfect holiday DIY! :)

xoxo, kat


9 thoughts on “she cooks, he eats holiday gift guide: edible treats

  1. I love it when you put these lists together for us! Thank you for doing the hard work for us – scouring the internet to find these is time consuiming. I appreciate it!

  2. all of these look incredible! i’m thinking of doing little bags of treats to give to people in my office. looks like you know how to do it all really well! thanks for the post, i find it really helpful! and now i’m hungry! :)

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