O Festivus Tree! O Festivus Tree!

our beautiful Festivus tree with red star-shaped lights :)

When I first met my boyfriend and he told me that he doesn’t like to decorate his house for the holidays, I was shocked. Shocked because I love the holidays and decorating and getting into the season. Well, every time the holidays roll around, I buy him a holiday tree from Trader Joe’s (it has to be from Trader Joe’s, I don’t know why but I’ve been doing for years so it’s almost like traditional lol).

Instead of telling him “Hey, I got you a Christmas tree even though you don’t like them”, I told him “Hi, I got you a tree so we can celebrate Festivus together!” And he bought it, oh what a sweet boy! Haha, I think he actually appreciates them because he tries to water them and take care of them. Sadly, I don’t know what happened to the first two Festivus trees…

For those of you that aren’t Seinfeld junkies, Festivus is a non-traditional holiday celebrated on December 23. It’s a Seinfeld-esque holiday, so you know what that means! It’s a holiday made to poke fun of commercialism. Gotta love Seinfeld, right? :)

Anyhoo, this is how we celebrate the holidays together. How do you ladies and dudes celebrate the holidays together as a couple?

love, kat

ps, this tree makes 3 :)

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