You’ve been served…


With a nice big plate of chicken!! After weeks of talking about it, my chicken has arrived!

Spanish chicken with chorizo and potatoes…yummm! Expect a post on this very soon!

What did you have for dinner? Hope you’re enjoying Friday and cheers to the weekend! :)

xoxo, kat

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8 thoughts on “You’ve been served…

  1. The chicken sounds good and different! The picture looks great – love the nice bright slices of lemon – almost looks greek – speaking of chick chick chicken tonite….. I have some chicken in the oven right now baking – then i’m going to make enchiladas or chicken pot pie!!!! I can’t decide. I like Lauren’s idea for turkey drumsticks – i haven’t done those for a long time – and my guy loves those – oh and i got ambitious and made a banana cream pie this afternoon! the pudding filling from scratch….with a graham cracker crust – think that’ll be enough suga?!!

    1. Oooh yum!!! I love banana cream pie and the graham cracker crust…OMG!

      It’s actually orange slices lol. I tried being creative I decided to garnish the dishes with orange slices because there’s orange zest on the chicken. Lol working on my plating techniques haha :)

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