why of course I’ll go out with you!

photo ellesees.blogspot.com

It’s date night Friday! Finally, I can make that chicken I’ve been dying to try for weeks now!!

Date night Friday means that I get to get gussied up and wear my favorite pair of heels! What, don’t we alllll cook in heels? LOL. Aside from the adventurous trip to the grocery store, we plan to have a cozy time in and do what we love doing together, which is cooking!! I cannot wait! What’s everyone got planned for date night?? :)

Anyhoo, where have the days gone? I feel like a lazy potato this week! Definitely not a productive week for me . Hope your week was a lot more fun than mine!

Here are some of my faves from the week…

Favorite must eat (recipe here):

caprese chicken || uh oh after seeing this, I'm second guessing that chicken I planned for date night in favor of this. nooo! this looks delicious! || photo bakedbree.com

Favorite toppings:

pepperoni/pineapple pizza... yum!

Favorite morning after (recipe here):

day-after chocolate chip cookies straight from the fridge...cold, chewy, yummy, soft, deliciousness in my mouth :)

Favorite natural disaster:

the overgrown lemon...still can't get over how huge it is! I promise next time I'll measure it, weigh it, cut it open, milk it, everything/anything I can do to a lemon for you! :)

Favorite watch (it’s a repeat, but I just can’t wait to see the movie!):

What was the best thing you ate or did this week? Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

xoxo, kat


7 thoughts on “why of course I’ll go out with you!

    1. still haven’t seen it! i want to see it so bad, but i don’t think i will go until next month when the hype dies down and when there’s less people :)

  1. I know I’m a day late on the date night, but ours, unfortunately, will be quite low key this week. My husband has been sick, so we’re “resting and relaxing.” Which isn’t a bad thing. It’s fun in it’s own right. But not as fun as usual!

    I love the cookies for breakfast. I may have to try that tomorrow morning. “Here’s your breakfast, honey!”

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