food wife

Oh my goodness, did you guys catch “The Simpsons” on tv over the weekend?

As a budding foodie, this episode is a must watch for all you food fanactics! The episode is titled “Food Wife”, and it’s all about Marge and the kids (Bart + Lisa, btw where in the world is Maggie?) starting a food blog and exploring new restaurants in Springfield (who knew food joints aside from Moe’s and Krusty Burger even existed? lol)!

As a longtime fan of the Simpsons, I thought this episode was hilarious! Expect lots of cameos from all your favorite glorified celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Anthony Bourdain, Mario Batali, Julia Child, Colonel Sanders (yes, him too!), and many many more!!

The full episode is available on Hulu starting Nov. 21 or watch here (found it after a quickie google search, shhh ;)


xoxo, kat


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