let’s shower Friday with love

photo weheartit.com

Oh yay, it’s finally Friday!

With the time change and all, the days are going by so quick…it kinda makes me sad.

Date night has been postponed (haha, not really because of that!) this week, so I apologize in advance for the lack of recipes next week. But this weekend is going to be special, I can just feel it! It’s our random odd-month anniversary leading up to the big half-way mark for odd-year anniversary in December AND she cooks, he eats will turn 5 months on Sunday, yipeee!!! We’re taking a mini field trip, so I’m hoping to convince someone that my tummy needs a Sprinkles cupcake as a souvenir hehe :)

Aside from that, I am so thankful and really appreciate anyone and everyone that’s ever checked out she cooks, he eats. I love hearing all the feedback, reading comments, and listening to suggestions, I LOVE IT ALL. This little blog of mine has opened up so many opportunities for me and it has exceeded all my expectations. I am such a lucky girl, thanks to you!

Stay tune for something very special!!! I have a very cool side project that I can’t wait to talk about/share with you guys! It’s mum for now, but subscribers will be the first to know about it….so be sure to hit the subscribe button! :)

Be on the lookout for some new posts for Thanksgiving, the holidays, and some dessert ideas for two!

Here are some of my favorites from the week that made me wish that the days were just a little bit longer…

Favorite must-try (recipe here):

lemon butter shrimp || you get me every time Paula Deen! || photo yumsugar.com

Favorite noodles (recipe here):

ginger scallion noodles || i talk about this way tooooo much, but it's just so delicious and never disappoints! it's the only dish my boyfriend will eat alone that doesn't have a meat attached to it :)

Favorite carbs (recipe here):

garlic bread

Favorite time: 

photo pinterest.com

Favorite mashup:

Hope you all had a great week! Did you wish the days were longer too??? What are your plans for the weekend? Any great cupcake places I must try?? Oh, there’s rain in the forecast this weekend so you know what that means! Boots, scarves, sweaters, coats, cuddle time :)

Have a great weekend!

xoxo, kat


4 thoughts on “let’s shower Friday with love

  1. We have a busy weekend! Last night I cooked up 200 prawns for a couple of friends who are getting married today. I made my Tequila Lime Prawns, and a Salt and Pepper Prawns. Gotta say that the house smelled great when I went to bed, and the aroma is still lingering! Rain is possible today in the Foothills, and as this event is outside, I had to get some tights to keep the legs warm under my dress. Have a great weekend Kat!

  2. Ahhh, I haven’t yet seen this week’s Glee, but I can’t wait! That show provides so much enjoyment for me :)

    Also, that Ginger noodle dish looks amazing!!! I love your blog Kat; rather than beauty lemmings (which I develop all the time), I’m now developing food lemmings!! I’m more than happy to diversify :D

    1. Hi! You are so sweet!! Thanks so much for the comment! Definitely made my day! :) I loooove checking out your blog because you post some of my favorite beauty products! And as a girl that’s obsessed with nail polish, I love looking at swatches hehe :)

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