It’s Na-cho day!

Oh dear, how many foodie dedicated days have we had this week? Thursday was sandwich day and Friday was candy day, annd today…well, today is National Nachos Day!

I didn’t think nachos would get to have its own day, but then again that’s what I said about sandwiches…le sigh, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me :(

To me, nachos are a dangerous happy hour food. They are insanely delicious to munch on but I always end up eating a lot more than I want to… I mean, c’mon! Who doesn’t love the combination of chips+cheese+meats+alcohol??? It’s so hard to have self-restraint! :)

For a laugh, head over to foodbeast for an odd compilation of nachos!

To celebrate yet another foodie day, here are some yummy ideas for National Nachos Day…

Loaded Nachos (recipe here):

loaded nachos || photo

Chili Bacon Nachos (recipe here):

chili bacon nachos || photo

Breakfast Nachos (recipe here):

breakfast nachos || photo

Layered Baked Buffalo Chicken Nachos (recipe here):

layered baked buffalo chicken nachos || photo

Will you be observing this foodie holiday with a big plate of nachos? I don’t know if my tummy can handle all the delicious foodie holidays from earlier this week, so I’ll be observing National Nachos Day on another day. Hopefully, it doesn’t conflict with another foodie holiday :)

xoxo, kat


10 thoughts on “It’s Na-cho day!

  1. I love nachos! I never would have thought to use bacon, but that does take it up a notch! I am hungry as it is, the chili on a chilly day is cooking, and now I have to rummage the kitchen for nacho ingredients…mmmmm…..

    1. aww! happy nachos day to you too! i cannot get my mind off those baked layer buffalo chicken nachos!! will definitely need to make this week :)

  2. Nachos are definitely a weakness of mine – c’mon, cheese, tomatoes and quac; how can you resist? I could eat guacamole all day long.

    PS These pics are killing me! Reading this blog is going to be deadly on my waistline! :)

  3. hey so I found out how to reblog something. Ok soo I just go to the wordpress homepage then I click on the tab that says read blogs and up comes the blogs that I am following on wordpress and as I scroll down I am able to see all the stories and posts and stuff and on the right side at the top of it there’s a little button that says reblog and wahh lahh! SO yup.

    Ohh and I did reblog this delicious idea :D I just want nachos! :}

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