if I could turn back time…

Oh wait, I can!! It’s that time again! There’s a time change a coming!

The end of daylight savings doesn’t officially kick in until 2AM, but don’t forget to change those clocks an hour back before you go to bed tonight. Don’t you just hate it when you forget and you wake up the next morning an hour late or an hour earlier? I know I do because I’m always a disoriented mess in the mornings :)

This could possibly be the greatest day of the year because we actually gain an hour…and who doesn’t love that? It’s another reason to be thankful for in November.

Fun fact: Did you know that not every state observes Daylight saving time? Well, if you lived in Arizona or Hawaii then you do! Hehe.

Anyhoo, I love the end of daylight savings because it means I get an excuse to sleep in! Such a great way to start the day!

Since we all get to sleep in tomorrow, I think we also all deserve a nice late-breakfast or brunch to truly start the day on a great note!

Check out some yummy ideas for celebrating the end of daylight savings!

Cake Batter Pancakes (recipe here):

cake batter pancakes || photo howsweeteats.com

Blueberry French Toast (recipe here):

blueberry french toast || photo bluewillowblog.com

Petite Vegetable Frittatas (recipe here):

petite vegetable frittatas || photo whatsgabycooking.com

Pear and Cranberry Bellini (instructables here):

pear and cranberry bellini || photo marthastewart.com

 Bacon Cinnamon Rolls (recipe here):

bacon cinnamon rolls || photo thefreshfridge.com

Hope these ideas bring a smile to your morning! Will you be sleeping in? :)

xoxo, kat


7 thoughts on “if I could turn back time…

  1. yum….u always post the most delicious ideas Kat! I love those veggie frittas – Great idea (u could put crispy bacon on top when they come out of the oven too) ! Thanks for posting. Haven’t had time to read all your blogs for the last several days so will be catching up on all the fun this weekend! Have a good one!

    1. Aww Trish, thank you! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy life to read my blog…means so blog! I always love hearing from you!

      And btw, thanks for the bacon idea! You know how much I love bacon :))

      Have a great weekend Trish!

  2. You had me at the cake batter pancakes ~drool~ Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day (at least, it is on the weekends when you can make a really delish one). I want to try each and every one of these recipes!

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