with love, friday.

Friday night. In bed listening to the pitter patter of raindrops outside, snuggled up with my laptop watching “Kitchen Nightmares”… I think that’s a pretty awesome way to end a great day.

My Friday consisted of the-day-after lasagna (taste even better than when I first made it), Twilight, a stroll in the cold weather to get Pinkberry and of course, endless couch cuddles! Heheh :)

the-day-after lasagna! so good!! ps. must post this recipe soon :)

Now that the holiday season is upon us, Pinkberry has released Peppermint Pinkberry as their newest seasonal offering. I get very excited every time Pinkberry releases a new flavor, but my boyfriend always gives me the skeptical face. To be honest, I’m a bit skeptical too but I still try because I just love Pinkberry! Here’s a tip, if you’re unsure if you’ll love/hate it ask for a sample. They gave us a generous sample of the new peppermint flavor and it was…ok, too sweet, and not their greatest. Boyfriend thought it tastes like gum hahah. It didn’t,more like way too sweet peppermint…trust me, I’m quite the Pinkberry connoisseur :)

did you know I'm quite the groupie? for a long time, I had two cards! finally used one to get my free pinkberry today :)

we shared the pomegranate with strawberries/cookies and cream/milk chocolate shavings (for him), and mochi (for me! oh btw, I don't share my mochi so don't even try to steal one :)

as a special treat, pinkberry has tattoos! if you see a girl walking around with the gingerbread man tattoo on her arm, come say hi! :)

That’s my Friday in food! What about your Friday? Hope your Friday night was fantastic!

xoxo, kat



7 thoughts on “with love, friday.

  1. Friday is always a good day, as I do not work on Friday’s and I get to focus on what will be for dinner. Did Mahi-Mahi fish and chips last night, and posted it today. It was yummy! Watched I Am Number Four with Toby Tyler, the kitty, curled up in my arms. Totally happy and content!

  2. This is such a fun blog! I’m laughing about the mochi… whenever I want a yogurt from Red Mango, Mike “doesn’t want any.” Yet once I’m eating mine, he wants some and starts eating it. He always goes heavy on my mochi, and I’m like, “Hey! That’s my mochi!” :-)

  3. I’ve been wanting to make lasagna for two months now! Wasn’t that a wild episode of Kitchen Nightmares?!! Oh my goodness — I could not believe they were charging those customers $39.99 for a bad hamburger! Get us in the kitchen – we could make hamburgers!

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