here we go again…Happy National Candy Day!

That’s right, ANOTHER foodie day! November 4 is National Candy Day. What a perfect excuse to indulge in candy! :)

Do you wonder why it’s November 4th and not some other day like October 31st (doesn’t that just make more sense?) or November 1st (when candy is extra cheap!)…it just makes more logical sense, no? Sigh I’m just as befuddled as you guys are!

I love candy as much as the next person! My inner child finds comfort in gummy orange slices, gummi bears (white chocolate covered gummi bears are to die for!), grapefruit slices, and sour patch anything… I love gummy candies!

On the chocolate candy front, I love Kit-Kats!! The white chocolate Kit-Kats are hard to find but I did find another yummy alternative that taste just the same!

In honor of candy day, here are some homemade favorites!

Homemade Butterfingers (recipe here):

homemade butterfingers || photo

Homemade Twix Bars (recipe here):

homemade twix bars || photo

White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups (recipe here):

white chocolate peanut butter cups || photo

Saltwater Taffy (recipe here):

saltwater taffy || photo

Which one is your favorite? Those white chocolate peanut butter cups look amazing!

Happy National Candy Day! Let’s all have a piece of two :)

xoxo, kat


8 thoughts on “here we go again…Happy National Candy Day!

    1. OMG! I LOVE marizpan! Have you tried marizpan ice cream? Or the marizpan chocolates from Godiva? If you haven’t they are the ones that are shaped like a heart! You’ll love it! :)

  1. Wow more deliciious great ideas! I don’t need to buy cookbooks or search the internet anymore. I’ll just come straight to your posts!

    1. awww you’re amazing! thank you :)
      i’m always on the internet reading lots of food blogs so i so happy that i’m able to share my finds with you!

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