friday showers aren’t going to rain on my parade


Good morning!! Finally, rain season is upon us and it’s starting to feel a lot like the holidays. It hardly rains here in way-too-sunny LA, so I am happy!! I love getting all bundled up for the rain. What about you? Do you love rainy days too? :)

Rain days are dedicated to couch snuggles, movies, and Seinfeld, all while having the fire in the back. Ohhh yeah, I can’t wait! What are some of your favorite rainy day activities?

By the way, aren’t the days going by quicker?! The week just blew by! This week, my boyfriend did all the cooking (I cooked for date night), what a sweetheart! Check out his fried tacos from earlier in the week, it’s an updated  all-time favorite of mine that he only makes me me (that’s what I tell myself, hehe). For date night, I made Paula Deen’s infamous Lots O’Meat Lasagna. It was too000 delicious! More to come on that later, I promise :)

For now, check out some of my favorites that made this week memorable…

Favorite must try (recipe here):

gnocchi mac n' cheese || photo

Favorite treat (instructables here):

he cooks, she eats special: deep fried tacos

Favorite date night (post coming soon, recipe here):

paula deen's lots o'meat lasagna

Favorite act of kindness: 


Favorite repeat:

What made your week a week to remember or forget? Are you just as excited for November rain as I am?

Cheers to a happy, warm, and cuddly weekend!

love, kat


4 thoughts on “friday showers aren’t going to rain on my parade

  1. Oh man!! Gnocchi mac & cheese…that is just too much!! I love gnocchi, it’s gotta be my fave pasta, and this looks beyond. And the lasagna, wow! You’re killin’ me here lol

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