Dear Friday, cheers to a boo!-tiful day! xoxo, kat

:) || photo

Finally Friday!!! I could not be more happier. I feel like I’ve been so M.I.A. on here, I was on such a great blogging streak too…le sigh I guess that’s what happens when you have such a crazy busy week going on.

Thank goodness it’s the weekend! I feel like I’m coming down with something, so all I want to do is sleep in, relax, and catch up on all my cheesy guilty pleasure shows that I’m too embarrassed to admit I watch. That’s my Halloween weekend! How about yours? What are you planning to be?! I plan on being “single”! Hehe, borrowed from Megan Amram (she is the one of the funniest human beings on Earth!).

Here are some of my favorite last-minute Halloween ideas from across the web…

Favorite party idea:

pumpkin punch bowl || photo

Favorite trick:

toilet decal monster || how cute!! :) || photo

Favorite treat:

the great pumpkin cake ||

Favorite pumpkin:


Favorite facts:


Favorite Halloween house:

Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!



6 thoughts on “Dear Friday, cheers to a boo!-tiful day! xoxo, kat

  1. So glad u did all the work to scour the internet to look for those cute things!!! I love the idea for the punchbowl and the pumpkin cake ~~so kute kat!
    feel better soon.

  2. I saw that Halloween light show 2011 on CNN… it made me smile then and seeing it here again on your blog it made me smile even more. Thanks for sharing. Bridgette

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