it’s a date!

For once in my life, I finally have a set menu plan for date night and do not have to go “what to make? what to make? ughhh” the night before. I feel happy.

Here’s what I have planned for the main…

balsamic-garlic crusted pork tenderloin (click for recipe) || photo

And a simple basic salad for the side…

caprese salad (will do a chopped version) || photo

What do you think? Are these two great pairings or simply odd? I have very little experience and am terrible at pairings. I would love some pairing suggestions! Only one request though, it has to be light. I want something that counteracts the heaviness of the meat, since eating meat always tends to put me in a heavy state of coma. Haha!

This will be one of the very few times that I will venture into cooking meat. I don’t cook meat. And definitely not meats of this epic portion! Aren’t pork tenderloins huge?!

I’m not going to lie and say I don’t eat meat, because I do. I love bacon for goodness sakes! The only meaty thing I’ve ever cooked are chicken breasts, and I’ve excelled that by the way :)

Being a newbie in the kitchen, there are just so many concerns I have when it comes to cooking meat. I plan on roasting the pork tenderloin in the oven since I’m sans grill. Any tips on ensuring that the meat stays nice and juicy and not overcooked and dry?

Eeeeeeek! Wish me luck!! What’s your menu plan for the week?

Hope everyone’s enjoying the very last few hours of the weekend!

xoxo, kat


15 thoughts on “it’s a date!

  1. I’d jump up and down and holler if someone cooked that for me! I know your dinner will be delish because most importantly you enjoy cooking. When you love what you do, it shines through. I buy those small pork tenderloins and even though they are small you can still stuff them-just tie in 3 places with kitchen twine (i’ve even used toothpicks) -i saute onion, celery, apple, chopped pecans in butter and then add a few raisins and some cubed good bread or boxed stuffing (or a little of both) , chix broth or water – thyme or rosemary; then put S & P before stuffing; after they r stuffed rub with olive oil and brown up quickly on both sides then put in oven for 20 min. or so. The small ones cook quick so have your meat thermometer ready because you don’t want to overcook it or undercook it (165 – 170)
    Also, just putting in oven rubbed with olive oil, S & P and thyme is good – just plain!!!

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