i’m in love, i’m in love, i’m in looooove!!

nordic ware waffled pancake pan || photo williams-sonoma.com

I have been wanting a waffle maker for months now and have been trying to make subtle hints to a certain somebody (ahem) that it’s an essential kitchen tool. Such a strange request coming from a girl who usually wants things that are shiny and shaped like shoe or a handbag… sigh, I guess I’m a big girl now! :)

Anyhoo, forget the waffle maker!! I am head over heels in love with this waffle pan! OMG did anyone else know that this wonderful alternative to the classic electric waffle iron existed??

And for anyone that has this, what are your reviews on these types of waffle makers?

In case you’re wondering why I want a waffle maker so bad, it’s because…..

chocolate chip waffle cookies (click for recipe) || photo howto-simply.com

I want to make waffle cookies (and waffles too, of course…) on it! :)

These things are sooo adorable!!

Has anyone made these yet?! Did it come out picture perfect or a goopy mess? I would love to know.

Any other uses with a waffle maker? I am trying to convince someone that it’s a kitchen necessity, remember? ;)

xo, kat


6 thoughts on “i’m in love, i’m in love, i’m in looooove!!

  1. I have 3 waffle irons (one regular, one Belgian, and one heart shaped, just for me and my granddaughters:) Now I want this one! I confess that hauling the appliances out of their hiding places in the pantry has made me decide more than once I could just make pancakes instead. This sweet pan could hang from my potrack and be on the stove in a flash.

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