on days like these…

i wish time would stop just for Fridays

It’s finally starting to feel like Autumn! The mornings (yes, I am now a “I wake up at 6am morning person” person :) here are so cold and foggy, I love it because I get to wear my coziest sweater and bundle myself in my favorite oversize soft warm scarf…love! :)

This week was such a great week! So many great surprises and amazing moments happened this week. I hate to brag, but I think Tuesday was my day, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you Friday! Some of you may already know via facebook but I’ll fill you in a little bit so keep reading! I just love moments that leave me speechless!

Here are some of those moments that made my week special…

Favorite treat:

there's nothing better than spending a cold foggy morning sipping on a hot pumpkin spice soy latte with your love :)

Favorite excuse:

national chocolate cupcake day!!! now when's national bacon day?? hehe

Favorite disaster (recipe here):

soft frosted sugar cookies

Favorite sweets (recipe here):

chocolate and peanut butter squares || imagine how cute these would be if you made them in silicone baking molds!! || photo soufflebombay.blogspot.com

Favorite OMG I’m speechless moment:

the liebster blog award || no biggie to some, but one of the happiest moments in my life!! thank you Around the World in Eighty Bakes for the nom! :) (will do a full post on this soon!)

Favorite pick-me-up:

Hope your week was just as fun and exciting! Any special moments that left you in awe or speechless?

Stay cozy and as always, thank you reading!

xoxo, kat

ps. Please check out the she cooks, he eats facebook page! I tried spiffing it up a bit :)


4 thoughts on “on days like these…

  1. A) I only drink Starbucks when Pumpkin Spice lattes are available. They’re bomb!
    B) Have you ever had a chocolate cupcake with vanilla/maple frosting and bacon bits on top? I had a mini version at a bakery in San Francisco, and now it’s my favorite unexpected desert to make for gatherings.
    C) “Keep Your Head Up” Is my go-to song for a pick-me-up these days.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I’m happy you discovered me so I could discover you!

    1. Aww thank you! I agree with A and C!! Pumpkin Spice Lattes are the only reason I drink Starbucks lol. And no I have never ever tried any cupcake with bacon bits!! Ahhh I feel so left out :(

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