uh oh, detour!!

IKEA restaurant

I had my first Swedish meatballs experience at Ikea!! And it was O-M-G AAAAMAZING! Now I can see what all the hype is about at IKEA.

Aside from their ridiculously cute adorable furniture options, their cafeteria-style restaurant is the perfect escape from furniture shopping!

While there, I picked up a box up their famous meatballs to go and a 6-pack box of cinnamon buns. The mashed potatoes were extremely plain. Why don’t they slather some of that gravy on the potatoes? The meatballs were good…but honestly, I think my meatballs are better. I really can’t comprehend what all the hype is about when it comes to these little suckers?? Do you love them? Or are you on the same boat as me?

the meatball station!

just look at those balls! that's what she said... :)

Is there anything at the IKEA restaurant worth trying?


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