part two of food filled weekend!!

Oh geez! My family weekends are killing me. I consume so much food that I end up being full for the rest of the week!

Anyhoo, part two of my dad’s birthday extravaganza led us back down to the OC where we indulged in Chinese/Vietnamese style food at the iconic enclave of Orange Country known as “Little Saigon”. Any OC native will tell you that this is where you go if you want OG, authentic dirty-hole-in-the-wall Asian food.

We spent the latter part of his bday at Seafood Cove for dinner. This restaurant has been family-owned since 1989, and I have been going there since the 90’s (oh yes, I’m really that old! :).

Yelpers gave this place 4/5 stars. Hmmm this is tough, but I’m going to have to give it 3/5 stars. Why? Ok, don’t call me picky! Don’t you judge me! Ok fine, call me picky… but the food wasn’t as good as it could be that night. It seemed like some dishes were cooked when order, and some dishes have been half-cooked and then re-heated when ordered. Don’t you just hate that? I know I do… Maybe food tasted a lot better when I was a kid since I didn’t really have a concept of what’s good and what’s bad. Sigh… I just remembered being in love with the food at this place when I was younger…

Oh, dad gives it 2/5 stars. He’s such a tough critic here on she cooks, he eats :)

Here are some pics of greasy food for your viewing pleasure…

house special lobster || if you go this this place, you try the lobster!! it's fresh! they grab it from the tank and show it to you! Yelpers gave a lot of praise for their lobster

thai spice clams || another Yelp fan favorite, and it's also my mom's absolute must-order!

peking duck || this was terrible! the duck was way overcooked and the non-crispy duck skins had bits of duck bones attached...that is not how it's suppose to be. this dish was a disappointment. buns were okay.

deep fried crispy bean curd || it was yummy. although I wish it was a tad crispier.

shrimp with honey walnuts || simply addicting!

house special chicken in between the duck and lobster) || sorry for this aftermath photo, forgot to take a pic of the house special chicken. this was mine and my brother's fave when we were growing up, and it still taste just as delicious as the day I remembered it. this taste amazing alone with just a bowl of rice :)

One more thing, everything is family style! So don’t be afraid, just dive in and eat, eat, eat!!

xoxo, kat

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