part three of food filled weekend!!!

Ahhh we’ve finally reached the last and final leg of my dad’s bday extravaganza food coma induced weekend!

We ended the weekend off with noodles…pho noodles to be exact! It’s no mystery that I love noodles. I can eat noodles anytime of the day. From ginger scallion noodles (a lunch time favorite), spaghetti, to my baked ziti… I can go on and on, I love noodles!

For the last leg, we headed back to Little Saigon for noodles. It’s so worth the trip to go there from HB :)

We scarfed down noodles at Quan Vy in Garden Grove. It wasn’t exactly a hole-in-the-wall place, but more like a random-noodle-shop-in-a-strip-mall-inside-Asian-market kinda place. Don’t get me wrong! Sometimes these type of places can be just as yummy, especially if you’re in search for a quickie bite to eat.

Yelpers were not to kind with this place and give it 2.5/5 stars. In all honesty, I agree with the 2.5 star rating. With these type of places, you get what you pay for. It’s not a fancy schmancy dining experience, so don’t expect it. You order, you eat, you pay, you go…don’t expect service. Also, just point when you order because English is not an option. They will have a tough time understanding you and vice versa.

The food was nice and hot and very filling (I had major belly bloat for the rest of the day :)! If you order the specials, it’s 50% off which is typical for pho places these days. I’m not all too familiar with pho offerings, so my baby almost-twin brother ordered for me. How sweet, right? :)

Feast your eyes on my noodles below…

for a few bucks more, I got the large bowl... I couldn't finish it all :)

look at all those nooooodles!

spring rolls || I go to pho places mainly for these, they are my favorite. I was very disappointed with the sauce because most places typically serve a peanut sauce with the spring rolls. However, this place serves hoison sauce with chopped up peanuts...not a great mix.

all done! (my dad ate the half I couldn't finish, thanks daddy! :)

Thank you for joining me on my fun-filled family weekends! Weekends are the only time where we get to see each since we all live such busy separate lives.

Once again, happy birthday dad, love ya!

xoxo, kat + family

ps. check out part one and part two :)


One thought on “part three of food filled weekend!!!

  1. Wow, sounds like an amazing weekend for you and your family. Happy Birthday to your Dad! It’s so fun that you took the time to record what you ate — what a fun way to remember these happy times.

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