Part One of food filled weekend!

There are two things that come to mind when I think of dim sum: cute tiny ladies pushing carts of hot delicious food, and OPI’s “Dim Sum Plum” (this gorgeous shade of color). As for the latter, I cannot really explain why that comes to mind… it’s a beautiful color isn’t it? :)

Anyways, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to share pics of my gluttony filled weekend! From Monday’s post, I mentioned that it was my dad’s birthday and we spent the whole weekend indulging ourselves in food that was so bad for you, but so good at the same time… Sigh, I had a week-long belly ache after all the food we consumed in a matter of three days. We spent the weekend eating in and around LA and the OC.

So here goes nothing!

First stop: LA!

After Yelping around, we decided to have dim place for lunch since my family had business obligations around that area. Originally (also found on Yelp), we had plans to go to 101 Noodle Express because well, I love me my noodles! And this place had 4/5 stars. But of course, plans change because my mom is the most indecisive person in the world when it comes to food! I guess I got that from her (sorry boyfriend!!) haha :)

We ended up going to NBC Seafood Restaurant. The food was good and there was a large variety of many different dishes, soups, sweets, and desserts to choose from. If there’s one thing that I love about dim sum, it’s that there is always variety…perfect for a girl who is soooo indecisive (again, sorry boyfriend!).

Yelpers gave this place 3.5/5 stars. I, on the other hand, will have to disagree. I give 2/5 stars… why you ask? For me the deciding factor of any restaurant are the bathrooms (weird right, I know it should be about the food! but don’t these people who cook the food, use these bathrooms too??). These bathrooms were beyond disgusting, but then again that’s what you should expect in authentic Chinese restaurants. It’s so sad that my favorite Chinese restaurant is P.F. Chang’s… haha my family would laugh at me if I told them that (expect my mom, she also loves this place :).

Check out part one of my food filled weekend below…

egg rolls || my favorite! I could eat the whole plate myself...probably the only reason I like dim sum :)

congee with chinese crullers || the congee was bland and the crullers were stale... not a good mix

steamed spare ribs || didn't try them but I'm sure they were good :)

shark fin dumpling soup || the soup was extremely salty and the dumpling had little to no shark fin in it

beef fried rice || we ordered this off the menu. very good!!

curry noodles || tasty but not enough curry flavor

our leftovers!

Oh by the way, Dad gives it a 1/5 stars (bathrooms…). Are bathrooms a deciding factors for you when it comes to rating? Or is it purely the food? I would love to know why Yelpers were giving this place so many stars! What are some of your favorite places for dim sum? :)

xoxo, kat

4 thoughts on “Part One of food filled weekend!

  1. omg i would swear you were my friend Tiffany by the food you love and the places you travel for family. veeeerrryyy similar, lol. She took my for dim sum and ordered everything for me…..same with going to a PHO place–that unfortunately was not my favorite, but oh well. I LOVE egg rolls. And if you love noodles, and are ever in westwood I would suggest noodle planet: I know. not a great review…but if anyone asks for asian noodle dishes it was where I would go. :) not as expensive as PF (another fav of mine for bday dinners)–its near UCLA so its student friendly..then if you want dessert go to Diddy Reese: for their icecream/hawaiian shaved ice dreamy dessert. omg i loved those the best! mouth watering just thinking about it….

    1. Thanks for the compliment lol, you are one of the sweetest girls ever! :)

      The dishes at Noodle Planet look yummy!! I like pho too, but then again I also go for the egg rolls hehe :). I’ve heard of Diddy Reese before, aren’t they famous for their ice cream sandwiches?? Are they as good as people say it is? Those pics on Yelp make my mouth water :)

      1. yes, diddy reese is famous for the ice cream sandwiches..yes, those are good but the ice cream with a scoop of hawaiian shaved ice on top is even better!

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