Dear Friday, you’re kind of a big deal when…

there's a guide to enjoy the better half of the day :) || photo

Another week down, only 3 more weeks to Halloween! Is anyone else bummed that All Hallow’s Eve falls on a Monday…? Geez Monday, you’re already a bummer but thanks for also being a buzz kill too :)

Speaking of Halloween, there are a few things I haven’t done yet…like a pumpkin carve, purchase copious amounts of candy, make my own Halloween themed sugary confections, and watch “Hocus Pocus” (you can watch it in parts here on Youtube). Oh my, I’m way behind this year!

As usual, this week went by so fast! Here are some of my faves from the week…

Favorite idea:

heart-shaped bacon, yes yes yes!! || photo

Favorite day of the month (non-recipe recipe here):

make-your-own-pizza anniversary date night :)

Favorite DIY:

a cute way to roll your plastic baggies so they can dispense like wipes

Favorite smile:

i don't care how old i get, i will always order a happy meal :)

Favorite OMG I’m obsessed, I need more:

i cannot wait for season 2 to start this weekend!! || photo

Favorite tune-of-the-moment:

What was the highlight of your week? Hope you all have a wonder weekend! :)

xo kat


2 thoughts on “Dear Friday, you’re kind of a big deal when…

  1. Hey! I just wanna say between your blog and “the pink sith” (you should check her out) I’ve got great morning reads! P.S love that you have a category as “babble”. What was the highlight of my week? My office did a groupon deal this week and we did fairly well. I was very happy that I was able to help people over the phone and answer questions that I didn’t realize I knew the answers to! I also was able to set up some very complicated imaging software on all the computers in the office….made me feel pretty smart :) On top of that? I got a compliment on clear skin this week. Hope your week went well!!! Whoohoo its friday!

    1. I am so happy to hear that you such a great week! Thanks for suggesting that blog, I now have more blogs to read :)

      You are absolutely beautiful! Never would I of ever thought you had skin problems! I need try your beauty regime that you blogged about!

      Have a great weekend :)

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