surprise! happy anniversary!! :)

After a fun and successful afternoon today, we decided to go out to lunch to celebrate (for this said fun and successful day).

Get ready for a “oh, that’s so Kat” cute story moment. Haha if you rather not, skip down for deeeeelicious foodie pics :)

We went to CPK, and the waitress sat us down and asked us why we came here and if we were celebrating something. I shouted “Our anniversary!” Hahah, she said congratulations! The look on my boyfriend’s face was priceless, he seemed puzzled and replied with a “Really, I didn’t know…” and we all laughed. Hahah, all in good fun! That made me wonder, ladies do your boyfriends know when your anniversary date is? And isn’t it hilarious when you surprise them and they totally forgot that it’s anniversary day? I find it amusing, but I don’t get upset because let’s be honest I forget sometimes too.

(FYI: Technically, it really wasn’t our anniversary…it’s actually another day that’s very close to today :)

Hmm…ok, enough with my nonsense babbling and stories that never make sense…but hey, that’s me…I am a terrible storyteller!

CPK is one of our favorite places to go to just eat, relax, laugh, and just enjoy each other’s company. And it doesn’t hurt that there is a cupcakery across the street :)

Here’s what we ordered….(oh, as usual he ordered strawberry lemonade and she stuck with water+lemon hehe)

spicy chicken tinga quesadilla || delicious when eaten hot! has a lot of southwestern flavors, ok..not too fond of beans.

bbq chicken chopped salad || this is his favorite! this salad is also the worst salad ever to order at CPK. I couldn't help but take a bite, sooo good ugh...

sedona tortilla soup || i ordered soup. it. was. amazing. enough said. big bowl. I was full halfway, but couldn't I have belly bloat :)

Hope everyone’s week is going well! I just discovered a new show on Netflix that I am very excited to start watching, but I am trying not to get too excited where I end up watching more episodes than my boyfriend. Knowing me, I’d probably blab and end up ruining it for him lol. Do you get the hint that my life is simply beyond boring??

Anyhoo, he has suggested that we cook together for date night, any recipe suggestions for date night??? :)

xoxo, kat



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