reduce, reuse, recycle : plastic baggies

plastic baggy wipes :)

Oh my gosh, I found such a cute kitchen project for you to try! It’s very simple, practically costs nothing because most likely you have tons of these lying around all over the place, and it’s just too cute to pass up! :)

I finally joined Pinterest earlier this week and I got so excited that I started pinning everything I saw on everyone’s boards hehe. Well, the “how to roll plastic bags so they come out like wipes” caught my eye from tatertots & jello. I instantly fell in love with this idea! In fact, I ransacked my whole house looking for those plastic baggies. Next up, my boyfriend’s house :)


The instructions are easy to follow, but here are some of my tips:

  • As your rolling, add one bag at a time rather than lining them all up in one really long line because that way you don’t have to worry about air getting into the bags
  • Try using Target baggies, those are the cutest :)
  • If you have a large variety of random bags and not enough Target baggies, use those first and save the Target baggies for last
  • If you don’t have any empty wipe containers, simply wrap a rubber band around it (works just fine this way) and put in a decorative cup large enough to hold your bags (optional), I used one of my ceramic cups I made :)

Hope you enjoy this fun way to de-clutter some mess in your house!

3 thoughts on “reduce, reuse, recycle : plastic baggies

  1. I saw this on pintrest too & loved it! However, when I clicked on the link to tatertots & jello, both here & on pintrest, the website will not come up. Can you give more directions of how to do this? I’d love to know!

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