it may not be Friday, but…


Oh my, what a weekend!!

Although it was a crazy hectic weekend, it was still so much fun spending it with my family. From Friday’s post, I mentioned that it was my dad’s birthday… well, let’s just say that his birthday celebration lasted all weekend! It was a weekend filled with TONS of food!! Also, I had my first Ikea Swedish meatball experience!

For being such a petite gal, I ate so much food! All fat, all greasy, all bad, all so good…ahh, why must food be so tempting?? I’m now a fattie girl haha. As a detox for the week, I plan to eat very light! That means lots of fresh veggies, no unnecessary carbs, tons of water, and at least an hour of pilates a day…sigh, will I actually be able to stick to this regime? Well, that’s up in the air lol.

wish me luck? :) || photo

Anyways, I took sooooo many foodie pics over the weekend and I can’t wait to share them all!! I think I’m going to have to do them in parts…that’s how many pics I took!!

Hope you all had a great relaxing weekend! And cheers to Monday and a new week! Monday’s not so bad, right? :)

xoxo, kat

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