dear Friday, don’t forget there’s a countdown this month. love you, kat


October is finally here and that means that I’ll be counting down the days to one of my favorite holidays. I can’t get enough of Halloween, I absolutely love it!! From pumpkin craving, baking treats, ogling at Halloween costumes, obsessing over anything that glows-in-the-dark, to buying and eating tons of candy till by tummy hurts…I look forward to it every year. In fact, I decked out my phone with this pretty cool Halloween themed live wallpaper, check it out here if you’re as big as dork as I am :)

October also means that it’s time to make the holiday rounds…I can’t wait for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines (hehe, ok its next year but that doesn’t mean I can’t look forward to it :).

I can go on and on! Are any of you just as excited as I am?!

Hope everyone had a great week! This week came and went. It finally started raining here (only one day though..)! It poured like dogs and hello kittys (hehe) on Wednesday, which made me very happy!

Sadly, we had to cancel date night this week due to busy schedules so there won’t be any recipe posts for the time being. But expect a post or two on some cute ideas for Halloween! Till then check out last week’s date night meal, whole wheat spaghetti caprese, here. Hmmm I wonder what he’s eating for solo date night?? :)

Favorite October birthday:

it's my daddy's birthday today!! happy birthday dad! :) || photo

Favorite pasta (recipe here):

whole wheat spaghetti caprese || I can't help but want to make it again every time I see a picture of it :)

Favorite breakfast idea (non-recipe recipe here):

how cute! using bell peppers as an egg mold. would love to try this, but I don't like raw egg yolks. dear boyfriend, do you? :) || photo

Favorite would-be date night dinner (recipe here):

garlic shrimp with basil, tomatoes, and pepper flakes || photo

Favorite rainy day song:

Have a happy weekend everyone!

xoxo, kat

6 thoughts on “dear Friday, don’t forget there’s a countdown this month. love you, kat

  1. that pepper/egg thing looks gorgeous! that would be SO lovely to try :)
    I can’t wait for candy….yeee!!!!

  2. So I have just discovered your blog (from you discovering min, I think)! Love what I’ve seen so far, and I am definitely stealing the bell pepper egg mold idea. Thanks!

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