dessert for breakfast OR breakfast for dessert


Earlier this week, I did a post on pasta for breakfast (I still crave it in the mornings). Well….today I discovered dessert for breakfast from Stasty via Tastespotting.

The genius behind Stasty is well, a creative genius!! She made sweets look like your ordinary breakfast items. How cool, right?

Check out the kind of sweets she’s serving for breakfast…

baked beans (white chocolate biscuit with orange and strawberry coulis) and black pudding (chocolate biscuit cake) || photo

hash browns (panko brioche jam sandwich) || photo

I can’t wait to find out what she used to make the eggs and my fave the BACON! Check back on Stasty for part two! I don’t think she posted it yet, but I know I’m eagerly waiting!!

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! Only one more day till Friday, Friday, Friday!!!! :)


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