weekends are made for family dinners

Family dinners seem to have a whole different meaning now that I’m older and that we’re all practically living separate lives, le sigh…

For family dinner last weekend, we had sushi at Matsu!! For you OC locals, it’s located at the corner of Beach and Talbert in Huntington Beach. Having grown up in the area, my dad has been taking us to this place for as long as I can remember. It’s our favorite place for sushi in HB. I’ve sampled pretty much everything on the menu, but one thing that we always order from the menu is their “Matsu Love Boat”. A variety of food is served on a ginormous gondola! I swear once in high school, we ate nothing but this every other week for months on end!

The “Matsu Love Boat” dinner includes cucumber salad, your choice of soup (miso, vegetable, or clam chowder), a bowl od rice, sesame chicken, steak teriyaki, chicken teriyaki, shrimp/vegetable tempura, steamed Australian lobster, and fresh seasonal fruit. At $30 per person, this very large boat had more than enough food to feed our little tiny family of four. We also ordered a side of spicy tuna roll and the sushi dinner (includes tuna, yellowtail, halibut, shrimp, salmon, and tuna roll). We’re a sushi loving family :)

Here are some pics from my family dinner night…

cucumber salad

i went with the clam chowder (tempura sauce on the right)

rice (nom nom nom) :)

our beautiful gondola! it's so huge, I couldn't fit the whole thing in a pic haha

our extra side of sushi :)

We had lots of leftovers! Where do you guys go for family dinner night? Or if you stay in, what are some family faves? I always request my dad’s fried chicken and my mom’s banana ice cream :)

Till the next family dinner…

xoxo, kat


One thought on “weekends are made for family dinners

  1. kAt – That looks fantastic! Cherish the time with your family—i’m sure you do.

    Hey I am now getting your blogs to come right up! Word press working perfect again.
    Have a great week!

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