oh my, it’s the 7 links challenge!

This week I was tagged by the lovely Jamie from A Dash of Domestic to participate in an ongoing 7 links challenge within the blogging community. I love her recipes and am obsessed with her garden! The only thing growing in my backyard are spring onions and maybe a guava or two (if those pesky birds haven’t gotten to them yet!).

I was super excited/a bit nervous to participate because…well, I haven’t been blogging for very long and if you haven’t noticed I babble A LOT! Hehe thanks for sticking by me though :)

With fingers crossed, here goes nothing! (ps. click the pics for the post mentioned :)

Most beautiful post…

it would have to be my post remembering the people who were important to us that we lost; this post will always be my most personal (and emo) post... || photo suninhereyes.tumblr.com

Most popular post…

according to the stats, my original spaghetti and meatballs post has garnered the most attention so far (over a whopping (at least for me) 300 views)

Most controversial post…

a pic of sexy man hands!! haha jk! originally this recipe was titled "sex in your mouth salsa" but was later changed to "party in your mouth salsa"... i guess that sex in your mouth part is not very PG?

Most helpful post…

my quest for a cookie sheet lol. thank you everyone for your input and help! still have yet to make a purchase though... :(

Post that was surprisingly successful…

my crispy fish non-recipe recipe! before I was always terrified of frying things because the crackling noises scared the bejeezus out of me, but I was shocked at how easy fish frying was...now it is one of my boyfriend's favorite recipes :)

Post that did not get the attention it deserved…

maple garlic ginger chicken wings...these were so yummy! why no love?

Post you are most proud of…

ginger scallion noodles of course! since discovering this recipe, i am in love with it and i have absolutely no problems eating this over and over again! in fact, i was thinking about making this again today for date night :)

Phew, I did it! Now I get to pass this challenge on to 5 other people! To those five, the only rule is that you must list one post for each of the seven categories.

Now, I tag in no particular order…

Can’t wait to read your seven links! Good luck everyone! :)
xoxo, kat

12 thoughts on “oh my, it’s the 7 links challenge!

  1. Hey sweet Kat, for some reason when I get my email from you I am not able to click directly onto your blog – it shows the email from wordpress! anyway so i went directly to shecooksandheeats.wordpress.com to get your blog. Loved all your blogs – your just doing a fabulous job – i do not bake too many cookies but definitely don’t buy a cheap cookie sheet – i use my REMA pan – I put parchment on it first for easy clean up. the rema pan is for cooking pizzas on – it has a whole bunch of tiny holes in it and it is round but it works great because it’s pretty heavy. i think the person who suggested the air one is right – i’ve heard those work good :) definitely will have to try your fish suggestion – i made some pumpkin cupcakes yesterday – they were pretty good–a little dense – but i put delicious cream cheese frosting on them and my guy said he could eat leather with that frosting on them!

    1. Hi Trish!

      It’s so great hearing from you! I’m so sorry about that, I don’t really know what’s wrong with that. Maybe it’s because WordPress is changing so many things on their site, every time I sign on there’s always something new on my end lol. Thanks for suggesting REMA! I googled it, but I’m having a hard time finding an online store that sells that brand. I’m so jealous that you have a pizza pan!! Sigh…I only want one so that I can have an excuse to make pizza :). Pumpkin cupcakes sound so yummy right now, your man’s lucky! :)

      Hope you had a great weekend!!

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