the first inaugural bake

Williams-Sonoma Cake and Brownie Pan

Finally had the chance to use my new Williams-Sonoma bakeware last week! Technically, I think it was more like last last week lol. This is a really long overdue post :)

Anyways, is that not the most beautiful pan you’ve ever seen? I am in love with it! I love how shiny and commercial-looking it is!! It looks like it truly belongs in a kitchen…

I am in love with all things from Williams-Sonoma! This pan did not disappoint one bit and is definitely well worth the money! My previous cheapy one would make clanking noises while it was baking in the oven. And once out of the oven… it morphed into a different shape! Sigh… I guess that’s what you get for buying a cheapy one from a grocery store. There were no problems whatsoever with this gorgeous William-Sonoma pan!! After its first bake, it still retained that gorgeous steel color and shape!! Okay, okay…I think I’m going to stop ranting about how wonderful my new pan is!

For its first bake, we made sugar cookies using premade cookie dough from Fresh and Easy. I know what you’re thinking…why is she baking cookies with a cake pan, this girl must be a babbling ditz? Well, simple really! I still do not have a cookie sheet!! Haha. We figured we would get more use out of the cake pan and if we wanted to use it for cookies…well just line with parchment paper and bake a few at a time, and save the dough for the next bake! It’s a great way to control over-eating of cookies :)

Here’s how I bake my cookies in a cake pan…

STEP 1: line with parchment paper

STEP 2: place cookie dough and bake

STEP 3: voila! easy as cake! hehe no pun intended :)


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