help me choose one!!

Speaking of cookies…I still have yet to purchase a new cookie sheet.

I’ve made quite a few random Target runs this week where I stalk the kitchen/bakeware aisles (after I get my terrible yogurt, of course!). I couldn’t help but notice that Target was having a sale on their bakeware pans this week, and I’ve been really tempted to snatch one up. However, I’ve also been reluctant since my last cheapy cookie sheet made terrible noises in the oven and lost it’s shape and was too dirty to clean.

As much as I love my new Williams-Sonoma cake pan and all of their bakeware, their products are pretty expensive. But for the quality, I guess it makes sense right, right??? Sigh…there are so many ways to rationalize an expensive purchase lol. After seeing the prices at Target, buying things from Williams-Sonoma appear to be a splurge! (ps. thank goodness for boyfriends! :)

This is where I need YOUR help!

The one I was eyeing from the Target ad was a Chefmate brand, it was advertised at $4. Sounds like a great deal, right?! Well, in person this cookie sheet is really flimsy…so that was a don’t buy! Then in the store, I noticed Target sold Wilton and KitchenAid products. Wilton and KitchenAid are synonymous for baking, so I figured that if I were to buy an affordable cookie sheet it should be a Wilton or KitchenAid. Both felt pretty heavy and thick, so I think it won’t change shape after it’s been baking in a 400° oven. And both, were around the reasonable $10 range (Wilton $8.99 and KitchenAid $9.99).

By the way, what are your views on buying bakeware from Target?

If it’s random stuff like spatulas, oven mitts, and bowls and stuff… then yeah why not! But when it comes to the actual baking pans I’m a bit iffy! Sigh…it probably stems from my experience with my last cookie sheet. The only baking dish I’ve actually purchased at Target was a Pyrex glass baking dish, and that has held up amazingly!

Anyhoo…HELP! Which one would you pick? And why? OR should I just save all my shoe money and splurge on my dream cookie sheet from Williams-Sonoma?



10 thoughts on “HELP. ME. CHOOSE.

  1. I splurged on two cookie sheets from Williams-Sonoma and never looked back. I’ve had what were supposed to be really good Wilton sheets, and they pinged and sprang out of shape in the oven like the cheaper ones.

    1. That’s surprising! The Wiltons felt really thick and sturdy. It.would make more sense to spend a little bit more for the Williams-Sonoma one. Thanks so much for the heads up! :)

  2. Cookies can brown too quickly on dark pans, so I never use those. Air-bake or a double insulated pan is ideal and I always use parchment paper when baking cookies–it makes any pan non-stick, can be used more than once, and makes clean-up a snap. Hope that helps :)

    1. I love parchment paper, I use it all the time! I had no idea that darker pans could brown cookies quicker. What exactly is air bake? I’m still a noob lol :)

  3. As long as it seems sturdy, then I wouldn’t worry about it. Check the information and see what temperatures it promises to hold up in.

    It won’t last you forever, but it’ll last you a couple years.

  4. Whatever you get, the bottom should be thicker than your typical cookie sheet. The heavier the pan the less it will warp and the more evenly your cooies will bake. I don’t use non stick pans, but I do use silicone liners or parchment paper. Judy who commented about the air bake and insulated pans is on the right track.

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