i eat. i review.

YoCrunch Oreo yogurt

One word. Meh.

As much as I loved the idea of eating Oreo bits in my yogurt, this was well… not that satisfying. The picture you see is not what you get inside… oh false advertisement, why are you always playing mean tricks on me? :(

meh. needs more oreo bits...

This yogurt did not taste like cookies n’ cream at all… the yogurt was actually vanilla flavor. Which really wasn’t bad, but I had my heart set on cookies n’ cream. The Oreo bits were okay…although they were missing that yummy Oreo filling we all love to eat. Aside from those two points…not much to say. It is yogurt after all! :)

yogurt left, oreo bits right :)

now it looks more like cookies n' cream :)

Final Verdict:

It may be my inner fattie girl talking but I’d rather buy a bag of Oreos and crush them into bits myself now knowing that this combination exists! Who doesn’t love leftover Oreos? hehe

Would I buy this again? Probably not…maybe…other flavors first…who knows, I’m a sucker for Oreos!

Check out their website for more flavors! I want to try the Butterfinger next!! Which one are you dying to try? And are there any toppings that would go great with yogurt (aside from granola)?

Oh my gosh, I apologize! I am a terrible reviewer… please forgive me :)

xoxo, kat


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