home alone bound…


After a busy morning, mid-afternoon class, dinner with the boyfriend, and an evening of household errand runs…I ended up roaming the aisles at Target in search for food and snacks since I will be home alone for a few days, and there was nothing but juice and ice cream at my house.

Look what I found! Oreo yogurt!!! I never knew this existed until now! There was also a Reese’s peanut butter flavor, but I went with the Oreo. I love that they have Oreo chunks hidden on top of the lid so that you can mix it in with the yogurt! Have any of you had one of these before?

Since I have this whole big house all to myself, I think I might have to walk around naked haha jk! Or maybe… :)

What would you do?


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14 thoughts on “home alone bound…

  1. I do like walking around naked when at home..
    I live at the last floor, ok, but i basically do not have curtains…
    but i do not really care.. great feeling..

    Oreo ice yogurt.. mmmhhh.. interesting!
    i discovered Oreo biscuits here in.. China!! not so popular in Europe!

    love them!!

  2. mmhh… very weird!

    i have never seen the wafers and the Oreo cookies i eat here are the round ones (in Europe we have Ringo, one chocolate biscuit, one normal biscuit and in the middle the same vanilla cream)..

    and from my experience Chinese people (especially girls) LOVE traditional Oreo cookies!!!

    this is another proof to not really believe everything you read and have no chance to experience by yourself!!!
    and this apply very strongly about China!!
    i read so much especially from Italian newspapers and blogs and then .. you realize it is written by people browsing info on internet..

    if i find the Oreo wafer, i’ll buy them.. for you.. and try.. what a sacrifice for friends!!! ;-)

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